I met santa clause

I like you just the way you are.

I met santa clause

I met santa clause

Santa Ana, CA Fyi, the seafood area service is super slow. They need more ppl to work in there or else speed up. This place should be close, I was there one day Shoping for fresh fish, there was a I met santa clause guys doing repair on the seafood Refridgerator, they was drilling holes on the case without covering the seafood inside.

I mentioned to one of the guy and he said, nothing is falling down into the food, I told one guy who was there supervising. Do not shop here, your health is not their concern due to the stupidity of the management. In one of those shopping areas where you need to watch all directions walking in the parking lot.

Just not worth the stress. Find a market in a safer area. Place a little too hectic to believe everything is as fresh as possible. Left with a couple bags of instant coffee. They set up camera in the market, but still not allow me carry backpack to shop.

Do you think I would steal a carrot?? They dont even have a locker, but they required me give my backpack to the security!!! Inside is pretty cold but this supermarket is so typical of vietnamese supermarkets: The first smell that came through my nose when i first stepped in is fishes and seafood, on the bright side, they have fresh meats selection here.

They have fresh, warm and homemade soybean milk and fried tofu that were sold and restocked everyday made in Thanh Son Tofu which is a vietnamese local store in Westminster famous for making fresh fried tofu, cha lua and soybean milk One interesting fact for japanese matcha kitkat lovers: My mom prefers going to this Vietnamese supermarket over the rest.

She also thinks they have the best fresh coffee grounds. Other than that, have a nice time shopping: The Landhousing Security guard, in the Mom Supermarket parking lot, who did not identify himself and whose name I do not know, threatened to shoot me, see photo and tapeon May 2,while I was parking my bike at Mom Supermarket, Edinger Ave.

I had gone to the market to get my phone activated, as my service provider is inside of the Market. The crazy security guard, who has already had me arrested on a false trespassing charge twice, came at me shouting in Spanish, while holding up his arm as if he had a gun in his hand, yelling, "Pish, Pish, Pish," Pow, Pow, Pow?

I was charged with California Penal Code section Trespass t 1 2 a felony that requires prior convictions at that location, I have no convictions at any location.

Both arrests, on Sunday April 23, and on April 30, are pure buffoonery, the arresting officers insisted that the criteria is separable from the charge, a total of six cops insist that there is no criteria for the charge, while calling me a "dirty transient:A general welfare clause is a section that appeared in many constitutions, as well as in some charters and statutes, which provides that the governing body empowered by the document may enact laws to promote the general welfare of the people, sometimes worded as the public mtb15.com some countries, this has been used as a basis for legislation promoting the health, safety, morals, and well.

Oklahoma City is a sanctuary city de mtb15.com officers have been told not to stop any Hispanic for minor traffic violations, because they have a good chance of being illegal and it is a waste of time.

SEPTEMBER. New Sep 5 Wednesday pm, Santa Ana: OC Pride Community and Monthly Board Meeting. NEW Sep 6 Thursday pm, Costa Mesa: Homeless Advocacy Training. New Sep 7 Friday 10am-noon.

CASTILE & LEON, counts & kings. v Updated 17 November RETURN TO INDEX. TABLE OF CONTENTS.

I met santa clause

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